We believe that in order for you to remember your African hunting experience with pride, hunting must be conducted in its fairest and most sporting form, with the hunt being as important as the final result.

Monterra Safaris, its outfitter and professional hunters adhere to strict ethical hunting methods.

With rifle hunting “Walk and Stalk” is our approach. Our team will advise you on the necessary preparations to best handle the hunting conditions. You will need to be prepared to cover fare distances on foot.
Within these parameters each client’s personal abilities and fitness are taken into consideration.

Bow hunting on foot or from several blinds / hides and locations are available.

We recommend you do a little research on the animals you wish to hunt on safari. A good trophy is so much more than just a measurement from Roland Ward or a score from the SCI Record Book, it is a journey starting with excited expectation and ending in a success story.
Your professional hunter will offer good advice on animal selection and his primary goal is to bag you an animal which you can be proud of.

Ideally, we recommend our client to be one on one with a professional hunter, but if required, two clients may hunt accompanied by one professional hunter.

Different groups will not be booked simultaneously – this ensures exclusive use of the lodge and the extensive ranch.