Monterra is a privately owned 14 000 acre game ranch in the Limpopo River valley.

Monterra was established as the exclusive hunting ground of an American business owner in the 1980’s. Out of his passion for hunting and conservation we are proud to offer you the exclusive opportunity to make Africa your own.

Whether you wish to book as a group, family or individual, Monterra offers the service and facilities to create a personalised safari in your own special part of Africa.

You will be guided by our professional management team through the entire process of journeying to Africa to hunt its illustrious big game.

Our ethical hunting and conservation practices have preserved the natural environment here for over thirty years.

Our professional hunters are all members of PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa) and are accredited by PHASA with dedicated professional hunting status.

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In Association with PHASA, SCI, WRSA and DSC