For First time Hunters

If all the information below is too technical and above your level of knowledge or experience at this point… DON’T PANICK! We’ve got this.

You will be advised and accompanied by one of our professional hunters at all times. Monterra safaris possesses the facilities and experienced personnel, with a lifetime of experience and knowledge in the field, to prepare you for an enjoyable and successful first hunt. From making a selection of one of our own classic hunting rifles, practicing on our private shooting range, to customizing your ammunition used for your hunt. We have the faculties to take care of all of your firearm needs while on your hunting-safari.

Speak to our management team for more information.


As a hunter one of the biggest questions on your mind is probably; what weapons should I bring, what kind of ammunition and how much thereof?

Recommendation on weapons and ammunition.

The majority of plains-game animals can be hunted with 30 calibre weapons and larger.

For example: .308, .300 Winmag, or the trusted old 30-06 that you probably use to hunt deer in your own country.

The .375 is the best all-rounder for African Game, from plains-game to Dangerous game. If you are planning on only bringing one rifle, the .375 will definitely do the trick.

By law, the minimum requirement for dangerous game, such as Buffalo, Hippo, Lion, Hyena, Leopard and Elephant, is a .375 H&H Magnum.

A qualified and experienced Professional Hunter will be your back up on dangerous game hunts and will carry a .375, .458 or a 470 Nitro Express.

With regard to  ammunition, any premium brand is a good choice.

We do not recommend Hornady DGX or any Federal ammunition, as we have had several bad experiences and technical difficulties with these brands of ammunition while hunting dangerous game such as buffalo. Remember that the bullet / projectile  is the only part of the weapon that makes contact with your animal, therefore it is important not to cut-corners.

We strongly recommend that you buy a premium brand of ammunition!

You can plan on bringing 40 – 60 rounds of ammunition for your hunting-safari.

A temporary import permit is required in order to bring firearms into South Africa. Applications must be made well in advance of your arrival. We will put you in contact with our agents here in South Africa, who will assist you in streamlining the process and making your turn around time at the airport as fast as possible.